Turkish Towels are so versatile and useful and with our choice od designs we think you have you covered.

So here goes ...

1. Tablecloth runner

Looks great indoors or outside depending on the style it can be formal or cheerily casual.

2. On the beach

One of the beautiful characteristics of a Turkish tale is that they drive very quickly and sand shakes out easily lay out on the beach with style.

3. Bath towel an obvious use

4. Cover

Throw one over a chair or drape over the arm of the sofa and transform your interior look great as a protective cover.

5. Tapestry

As a piece of art, the detail and craftmanship on each towel will provide an instant masterpiece.

6. Yoga mat cover

Keeps your mat dry and your look cool Use after a yoga session to dry off.

7. Furniture runner

Use as a beautiful runner on a chest of drawers and know that it will also provide protection by stopping scratches.

8. Travelling

Great on a plane. Rroll it up for a stylish neck support or as blanket if the plane is cold.  A Turkish Towel is lovely and light and easy to pack.

9. Camping Trip

10. Picnic

11. Head Towel

12. Scarf

13. Nursing cover

14. Baby blanket

15. Stroller / pram cover

16. Umbrella

17. End of Bed throw