A gorgeous wrap bracelet / necklace made from natural Tigers Eys beads and held together with an elastic cord and a delicate Lotus Flower symbol perfectly placed in the center.

Tiger's Eye is a protection stone. It increases confidence and clear thinking. Tigers eye is great for good luck and prosperity. The treasures of nature, the wonders of the earth, and the unique jewel structure resemble the eyes of elves, flickering, and like cat's-eye, they have distinct characteristics. Each tiger's eye stone emits a harsh light, like a severe eye. More like a mysterious enchantment, different angles, tiger's eyes are different, and the difference between the cat's eye is that the tiger's eye color is more domineering and gorgeous. 

  • Length 79-80cm
  • Bead Width 8mm
  • 108 Mala Beads
  • Tigers Eye
  • Elastic
  • Silver Alloy
  • Handmade with Love

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